Listening Experience: Allo Darlin’ – We Come from the Same Place

I first heard the song ‘Tallulah’, the strongest moment from Allo Darlin’s second album Europe, on the radio and immediately had to hear more of them. I was beguiled by Elizabeth Morris’reminiscing about a drive under the hot Australian sun with the only relief provided by a tape of the Go-Between’s album Tallulah. The ukulele was gentle and… Read more »

Piano, Bass, Drums…Details – The Necks, Palác Akropolis Prague, 14th Oct. 2014

Oceanic analogies seem the most obvious way to discuss the music of The Necks. Too obvious. Their music builds, surges, rushes, cascades. But these descriptions miss the point. The words  presuppose that there has to be something more to the music, to the sound. Music is meant to express something, right? And where expression is wanting, we reach for an… Read more »

Channelling One’s Inner Bogan

According to family legend, my first contact with Acca Dacca came when my father bought the single “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap“. I would apparently thrash my eighteen-month year old head about in time to the music while stomping around the living room. Much to the amusement of my relatives. I like this story because… Read more »