Off Note: A Matter of Technique

As long as I can remember, I have gravitated towards music which was, technically speaking, on the rudimentary side. Bum-notes, simplistic leads, squawks among the sax or trumpet solo and chords which were not quite held in place – all was and remains music to my ears. In part it represented musical egalitarianism . Look! (Or rather listen!) Anyone… Read more »

Listening Experience: Tyrannosaurus Dead – Flying Ant Day

I must confess that I knew nothing about Tyrannosaurus Dead when I came across the bandcamp page for their latest album  Flying Ant Day. As is the case with any unknown musical quantity, the habit is to reach for the comparisons, to size the new band up against old heroes.But my first reaction was “These guys must be amazing… Read more »

Crate Digging Prague: Poli5

I’m a little worried that this review will suffer by comparison. You see Polí5 along with Day After Records  forms the Rekomando store – which you would have seen in the second link. The new release section of this store is easily the most comprehensive for indie, post-rock and other non, or not-so, mainstream releases in Prague…. Read more »