Listening Experience: Darren Hayman – Chants for Socialists

For some, socialism seems as quaint as the vinyl record on which I listened to Darren Hayman’s latest collection of songs – Chants for Socialists. The format and the ideology are only for hold-outs and true believers. This assumption would be a mistake. With this album, Hayman manages to humanise the politics through his delicate song-craft and thus make… Read more »

Listening Experience: Cosines – Oscillations

The Cosines work lures you in with its charm. There is singer Alice Hubley’s deadpan vocals (somewhat reminiscent of Frances Gibson from The Cannanes), her ungarnished take on life and relationships and the krautrock musical styles, which thankfully never overwhelm the songs. The band’s debut Oscillations on Fika Recordings captures their strengths in a way that is honest without once being maudlin. The… Read more »

Historical Records

History does not seem an obvious subject for a song. Songs are short, mostly personal and aim for the emotions. History by comparison is expansive, more often broad in view and for the most part is based on analysis. However, in the hands of a skilled song-writer, history can be more than, “this and that happened”…. Read more »