Words Painting One Clear Picture

Given my fairly ordinary suburban upbringing, the world of fine art had to reach me via unorthodox channels, namely music. The exposure didn’t always lead to further exploration of the artist in question. But the focus on less typical subject matter certainly gave my imagination something to work on, sheltered in my room, listening. Adorable – “Sistine Chapel Ceiling”… Read more »

Listening Experience: The Wave Pictures – Great Big Flamingo Burning Moon

The songs on this album have legs. As soon as the needle dropped, out they pounced one after another. For me, it’s a welcome return to form. For all of its strengths, The Wave Pictures’ last release City Forgiveness (not counting their excellent collaboration with Stanley Brinks), which totalled 20 songs split over two LPs,  was somewhat laboured…. Read more »

Fine Instrument

The ukulele. For a better part of pop music history, the instrument has been regarded as a novelty – a point of view no doubt supported by the the sight of Tiny Tim, singing in falsetto as he strums along. But in recent years, a number of performers have taken up the instrument and shown that it is definitely not a… Read more »