Listening Experience: Luno – Close to Silence

More artists should re-record their own songs. Jazz artists have long made alternate takes available. Pop musicians should do the same. I don’t mean a re-mix. I’m talking about an entire re-performance. Songs are not fixed. Music’s essence is its openness to constant interpretation. Luno have done exactly this on their latest release Close to Silence. The band… Read more »

Locked Grooving

Digitalisation’s advantage over analogue is its greater capacity…and its increased volume range…and its supposed fidelity. Though, mostly it is the increased capacity. However, analogue has one little trick and depending on how committed you are, that little trick can balloon an album out to infinity. The inner groove of a record holds about two seconds of music. Actually… Read more »


“Oh no, I don’t listen to that sort of music.” I’m sure you’ve heard someone say that. I’m sure I’ve been guilty of saying this. Restricting musical taste so much to genre not only means a person may miss out on some amazing music, it ignores how oblivious to genre distinctions many musicians area. Idea Channel discussed… Read more »

Listening Experience: Alasdair Roberts (Eponymously titled)

In popular music, the term folk is often added to any music played on acoustic instruments, with arpeggios instead of leads and which includes thoughtful lyrics. Literary references are not uncommon. With Alasdair Roberts, the term folk is not simply lazy short-hand. His latest album has its roots fixed deep in the rich earth of British folk. Much of the charm is… Read more »

Religious Music for the Non-Religious

Religious music gets short-shrift from a non-believer such as me. It is usually associated with Christian popular music,  and the adjective “Christian” is to music what “light” is to food. It can be tacked on to practically anything but the result is rarely satisfying and on occasion oxymoronic. We snigger equally at light butter as we do at Christian black metal. Yet, the numinous can be the foundation… Read more »

Talking Sides

A number of artists avoid  labelling the sides of a record simply A and B. In some cases, the group or singer is having a little fun. Other times, the unconventional labelling invites a different interpretation of the album. The two sides of Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures are labelled Outside and Inside. While an obvious play on the… Read more »