Listening Experience: Sweet Baboo – The Boombox Ballads

Does the world need more pop music? I’m sure I’m not the first music writer to wonder this. Pop by its very jaunty and melodic nature makes the question unavoidable. Sweet Baboo’s latest album The Boombox Ballads is definitely jaunty, but does it answer my initial question? My heart and feet say yes; my head may need more convincing. Sweet Baboo’s… Read more »

Crate Digging Prague: Bazar-CD

Along with Happy Feet and CD Krakovská, Bazar-CD forms a triangle of crate-digging opportunities near the heart of Prague. Despite the convenient location, Bazar-CD is not a store I frequent because earlier experiences were off-putting.  Though the store had one of the best selections of vinyl: good quality and a decent amount of artists you actually wanted… Read more »