Crate Digging Prague: Bazar-CD

Bazar-CD 1Along with Happy Feet and CD Krakovská, Bazar-CD forms a triangle of crate-digging opportunities near the heart of Prague. Despite the convenient location, Bazar-CD is not a store I frequent because earlier experiences were off-putting.  Though the store had one of the best selections of vinyl: good quality and a decent amount of artists you actually wanted to listen to, it was ludicrously expensive.

The vast majority of the vinyl was in mint condition, hence the price. The store appeared to cater more to collectors, people who may never slip the vinyl out of its sleeve. This sense gave the store a cold feeling. It was not a place for crate diggers  to get lost and uncover gems and new experiences with little regard for record’s re-sale value. Treating the record as a commodity more than an item to be cherished in itself makes me uncomfortable and it was all to evident in this store. Having said that I have paid silly prices for vinyl, including a mint copy of The Cure’s Pornography from this very store. In my defence, I do listen to it and don’t care how much it will get when I’m no longer around to listen to it.

Bazar-CD 2So, I was pleasantly surprised on my first visit after many years. Much of the high-priced stock has been bought, so the record like any other record store with two rows of vinyl to flick through. The range is not as impressive as in the past, but you do feel as though you may make a random find. Which I did. Elvis Costello’s Spike was in the bargain rack. The album is not exactly a critical darling, but the song “Veronica” remains a sentimental favourite. I nearly snatched a copy when in Athens a couple of months ago. If I had, the series would have expanded beyond Prague. In the end, I couldn’t be bothered carrying a record. As luck would have it, I found the record here and my crate-digging stories remain in the Czech capital.

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